Written by Alex Malyshev on September, 4, 2019

Capture Your Event Audience with Interactive Rewards

Business events generated more than $1.07 trillion of direct spending and attracted 1.5 billion participants worldwide in 2017.

Events provide an excellent opportunity to engage and connect with consumers, prospects, and partners. But the competition to do so is growing fast. 

4 out of 5 companies globally use in-person events to promote their products and services, meaning that personalization is no longer optional. Understanding customers and catering to their specific needs is what makes businesses stand out. 

Considering that budget and innovative ideas are the two primary concerns for corporate event planners, it is important to engage consumers effectively and cost-efficiently. 

Using game-like features to drive player like behavior can prompt consumers to not only to interact with a company but to continue doing so after an event. Creating rules, offering rewards, and encouraging competition can engage customers in a much more fulfilling experience. 

Whenever a consumer completes an action related to a desired product or service, they can receive points on their dedicated cloud wallet. Customers can be rewarded for trying out the offerings, attending presentations, or just for sharing product information online. With our API, they can then spend what they earned on discounts, memberships, or access to future events. 

Providing free points towards a goal at the start of the game can involve participants in the endowed progress effect, an interesting phenomenon where people tend to put in more effort to not leave tasks uncompleted. Combining it with score leaderboards and a top prize can get even more customers immersed in friendly competition. 

Adapting challenges and rewards to specific events can offer repeat visitors, who already know the rules of the game, the chance to try something new. By keeping customers involved with new gratifying tasks, businesses can track changes in participant behavior to provide an even better experience. 

We hate being bored. Understanding that fact and providing a captivating technological experience to an audience can do wonders for building business-client relationships, brand loyalty, and awareness. How would you capture your prospect’s attention?

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