Written by Alex Malyshev on September, 4, 2019

Get Rewarded for Being Active

Urbanization and industrialization have given us ready access to anything we crave with little effort. Street escalators, online shopping, and grocery delivery services have made life very convenient. Too convenient? 

Alarmingly, physical inactivity has become the new normal. The “sitting-disease” has quietly become a leading cause of premature mortality, joining the ranks of tobacco, alcohol, and obesity. In the age of sedentary lifestyle where only 21% of adults are meeting their daily physical activity guidelines, it is paramount to find the time to exercise.

“We evolved as animals that move. To hunt, to gather, to migrate, and to be physically inactive takes us away from our normal healthy state”. Bruce Spiegelman, Professor of Cell Biology and Medicine at Harvard University

Altering a daily commute by forgoing driving for walking or cycling not only offers numerous health benefits but allows to squeeze inactivity without a major lifestyle change. Studies have shown that being active for 30 minutes a day is enough to lower the risk of fatal cardiovascular disease by 24%.

With added functionality, wearables can be used to provide real incentives to commute healthily and sustainably. Our API offers a way to reward consumers with points whenever they walk a cycle a qualifying kilometer. A personal cloud wallet can be used to receive, spend, or transfer points. 

Points can be redeemed on any connected reward. Be it discounts online, gym memberships, or cinema tickets. Customers can transfer points between wallets, pool them together for better rewards, and view their balance at any point in time with our API. 

The incentive to exercise can go a long way. Physical activity helps to alleviate stress and improve cognitive abilities. Research shows that healthy people are almost 3 times more productive than their least healthy colleagues. 

Since the dawn of humanity, innovators and dreamers have been making the world better with their ideas. Share your solutions to the problems of today and let’s come together for a healthier tomorrow.

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