Written by Alex Malyshev on August, 5, 2019

Cloud Wallet joins RapidAPI to accelerate IoT growth

Cloud Wallet, an IoT API provider has announced integration with the world’s largest marketplace, RapidAPI, to facilitate IoT adoption worldwide. Cloud Wallet enables closed-loop transfers between IoT devices or Machine-2-Machine payments. More than a million of RapidAPI users can now access Cloud Wallet API and reduce cost & time-to-market while building and scaling their IoT solutions.

By 2020, Gartner estimates internet-connected things will outnumber humans 4-to-1, creating new dynamics for marketing, sales and customer service. According to McKinsey IoT could have an annual economic impact of $4 trillion to $11 trillion by 2025 with the number of connected devices reaching 75 billion. The IoT will have a great impact on the economy by facilitating new business models, improving efficiency and increasing employee and customer engagement. The availability of APIs that can be quickly plugged in different IoT ecosystems will play a crucial role in sector growth.

Alex Malyshev said: “Cloud Wallet was designed with the aim to bolster creativity & innovation. IoT entrepreneurs face thousands of challenges on their journey. We have eliminated one of them. Now you do not need to build software from scratch that covers a simple idea: “Every device in my network has a wallet and can keep balance and transfer assets to other devices”. One issue less, one barrier on the way to success less. We are proud to be debuting with our solution at the leading API marketplace RapidAPI”.

Idit Oryon said: “We’re thrilled to be partnering with Cloud Wallet team to offer some of the best-in-class double-entry ledger functionality to over 1 million developers globally via the RapidAPI Marketplace. We can’t wait to see what the community builds on top of Cloud Wallet’s powerful API.”

About Cloud Wallet API. A tech startup led by the team of IoT enthusiasts with an extensive background in FinTech development (10+ years). Cloud Wallet is designed to scale IoT solutions in a fast & cost-effective way.

About RapidAPI: The largest API directory unites over 10,000 APIs and more than 1 million developers enabling them to build transformative software. For providers, being part of RapidAPI means being able to connect to multiple APIs, manage all of the integrations as well as billing in one place.

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