Written by Alex Malyshev on July, 30, 2019

Cloud Wallet is now live!

Our team is proud to introduce Cloud Wallet to the global developer community that is ready to act with speed, imagination, and confidence!

We aim to empower developers to reimagine the existing products and maximize the value for the end-customers. Cloud Wallet (Wallet-as-a-Service) is a ledger layer that enables closed-loop payments between users or IoT devices. By using Cloud Wallet developers & innovators can reduce cost and time-to-market dramatically while building & scaling their cutting-edge solutions.

Wallet-as-a-Service can be used in multiple scenarios:

  • Loyalty program or bonus points
  • Asset and Inventory accounting
  • Internal P2P transfers
  • Machine-2-Machine payments

Since the current level of technological advancement is higher than ever before, the innovation process becomes an incredibly demanding task. First and foremost innovators need to offer solutions that would bring more value in comparison to the existing ones and their competitors. Second, the complexity and cost of development are rising constantly. By eliminating at least one variable from the equation we facilitate the launch of new products & services significantly. Cloud Wallet addresses the challenge of complex & costly development by offering a Cloud Wallet solution for loyalty programs, inventory accounting , Machine-2-Machine payments to name a few. No need to write the code from scratch – developers can simply add a ledger layer to their product in order to level-up existing products and create the new ones.

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